CON - Skilled workers move to Australia

Many foreign nationals are choosing to develop their careers and move to Australia, according to government data.

Officials revealed that the country is now experiencing its largest increase in population numbers for almost two decades, reports Homes Worldwide.

This was partially attributed to the influx of expatriates from countries such as India, China, New Zealand and the UK.

Many of these foreign arrivals were said to be skilled workers, including people trained in medicine, accountancy and financial management.

Commenting on this trend, immigration minister Chris Evans said this shows that Australia is highly rated across the world.

He remarked: "We have people who have experience in Australia, have decided they like the experiences they've had and choose then to seek permanent residency."

Paul Arthur, director of The Emigration Group, recently told the Western Mail that the country is proving to be very popular with skilled professionals such as doctors and architects.

Speaking to the newspaper, he said Australia's "booming" economy has made it an appealing destination for those who wish to progress in their career.



You may have to complete a classroom training program. Most states require that you pass a licensing exam.
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