Project Investigation and Planning
This stage includes the following:

  • Project Governance

  • Appoint a project manager

  • Concur a common agreement with clients on project objectives, scope, terms and conditions, reporting protocols, communication plan, key success factors and a list of key deliverables

  • Undertake risk identification and analysis for project - business and project

  • Prepare the project feasibility budget for clients

  • Develop a project plan which is consistent with the client requirements and deliverables

  • Consult with client and project shareholders for specific detail


    Design, Development and Project Documentation

  • Develop preferred design options

  • Convert project objective into systems

  • Work with the client on the options presented

  • Evaluate options based on client decision to achieve best for project option

  • Identify and undertake project studies as part of the planning

  • Recommend and gain approval on the appropriate procurement strategy for projects


    Develop Concept Design

  • Develop concept design brief

  • Test and agree concept design against objectives with the client

  • Seek client approval on concept design


    Statutory Approval
    Engage suitably qualified consultant firms to complete the following assessments:

  • Architectural design

  • Structural design

  • Services design - electrical/hydraulic/mechanical

  • Environment Studies as part 3, Part 4 and Part 5 of the Environmental Planning Assessment Act

  • Hazard Substance Survey

  • Town Planning/Site Survey

  • Special consultancies as required, e.g. acoustic, engineering


    Design and Documentation
    Design consultancies developing tender specifications into one of two method of delivery:

1.  Tender specification documents

2.  Construction Management trade packages

  • Project Manager to review, documentation and drawings at 40%, 75% and 95% development with the client

  • Develop project budget with cost planners (Quality Survey) throughout the design development to adjust the client’s budget as required

  • Work with the client to finalise the project scope against the budget to ensure the scope meets with the available funding

  • Seek client approval of design, scope and cost planners project budget before proceeding to tendering


    E-Tendering and Award of Projects
    Pre-Tender Planning

  • Confirm with client the Project Plan, Risk Management and Environmental Plan

  • Confirm available funds for the project

  • Confirm project budget meets with clients approved and agreed project scope

  • Confirm agreed procurement model and contracts commercial and conditions

  • Confirm tender documentation is accurate


  • Determine tender model with client

1.  Selective tender

2.  Open tender

3.  Invited tender

  • Determine whether the tender process is hard copy or electronic e-tendering

  • Manage the tender process including

1.  Tender registration from contractors

2.  Tender RFI’s

3.  Issue Tender Addendums to contractors

4.  Manage tender probity throughout the tender process

5.  Manage tender close and registration


Contract Administration / Construction Management

Site meeting with approved contractor

  • Manage Construction Administration with the contractor, e.g. Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS), Inspection and Test Plans, Site Safety Plans as an example

  • Conduct site meetings with the contractor to measure the progress of the works

  • Evaluation of Contractor’s progress payments to ensure the contractor is paid only for work in the ground (WIG)

  • Progress review of the contractors safety system being implemented on site

  • Contractor compliance with statutory requirements, e.g. Public Liability, Workers Compensation Insurances

  • Management of Project Variations and EOT under the contract

  • Management of Project Manuals, Warranties and Work as Executed drawings (WAE)

  • Manage project defects


    Project Handover

  • Check specification against the scope as varied

  • Manage handing the new facilities over to the client

  • Manage the WAE, QA documents and Warranties Manuals

  • Complete project finances to ensure all appropriate bank guarantees have been released

  • Develop and facilitate project close out report to the client




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