The Truway Difference



The TRUWAY Difference

TRUWAY will work with its client to best develop the contracting model and mythology that is best for project TRUWAY has dedicated business entities which unify to deliver unparalleled expertise.

TRUWAY is experienced in the Project Management for delivering quality projects through TRUWAY Projects: Providing Project and Contract Management Service for:

* Residential Home and Unit

* Commercial and Offices,

* Rail Infrastructure,

* Industrial buildings,

 • TRUWAY Real Estate: Providing Buyer’s Agents Services, rental management via its property partners, property valuation and acquisition to all TRUWAY clients

 • TRUWAY Homes: Providing residential design, facades and managing the statutory approvals to Development Approvals (DA) and Construction Certificate (CC), TRUWAY then tenders the construction by appointing a qualified building company to carry out the construction delivery, TRUWAY'S clients enjoy the satisfaction of knowing the as a licence builder TRUWAY will manage the appointed building company on the clients behalf as the Project Manager their projects


Our diverse team has developed ongoing professional relationships with an stablished group of experienced consultants and contracting organisations further expanding the range and expertise available to our clients. This ensures that our clients are provided with the best available advice during design and project delivery that includes the most up to date construction methodologies and materials available.

TRUWAY Project’s offers a range of building services for Residential Homes, Commercial, Industry, Infrastructure project including:

  • Design and Authority Management

  • Engagement and Sub Contact Tendering

  • Contract Management

  • Construction Management

  • Project Coordination

  • WHS, Environmental, Quality and IR Management

  • Project Reporting and Communication Management

    At TRUWAY we will assign staff with the best matched skills and knowledge to deliver your project whilst meeting your Time, Cost and Quality targets, and as necessary, engaging consultants and contractors with proven industry experience matched to your project requirements.

    TRUWAY has developed and implemented Project and Construction Management systems to control and manage project including the delivery, administration, and documentation quality.

    TRUWAY staff have extensive experience and knowledge of government agency clients and their needs including client side project and construction management.






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